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Kentico Website Health Check


Does your Kentico Website need Attention?

i3 Digital’s Kentico Health Check is Free throughout March

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i3 Digital’s Kentico Health Check will identify problems in your website and highlight how to make it work properly for your organisation.

Our team of Kentico certified consultants and technologists carry out over 40 checks across key performance areas including:

Kentico Website Security

Increasing levels and severity of hacks and cyber threats means security is paramount to today’s organisations. i3 Digital’s Kentico Health Check identifies your website’s vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

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Our Kentico Website Security Checker tests your website against common security related misconfigurations and problems involving malware, SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities. The test does not require access to your passwords, nor will there be downloads or installs onto your infrastructure or interruption of your visitors. We’ll then produce a detailed security summary report on your Kentico website.

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Kentico Website Speed

Attracting visitors to your website is difficult enough without them dropping off once they land on it. Our Kentico speed tests ensure all your good work isn’t undermined because of slow website load times.

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Our Kentico Website Responsiveness Checker simulates the user experience by testing your Kentico website’s behaviour when accessed across different web browsers and devices. It ensures your content is displayed properly on all platforms, and highlights any bottlenecks that your visitors are experiencing.

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Kentico Website Responsiveness

The window in which to deliver the experience your visitors demand is constantly shrinking. i3 Digital’s Health Check ensures your website responds and reacts seamlessly across the various devices used to visit it.

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Our Kentico Website Optimisation Check tests your website for weaknesses that may be affecting your positioning on search engine results pages. The test analyses the structure and content of your web page and assesses the build and content quality of your website. Our report then recommends ways to fully optimize your content to maximize and transform your pages to display content faster.

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Kentico Website Optimization

Highlighting weaknesses in your SEO ensures your website is fully optimized to drive visitor numbers to your global shop window. i3 Digital’s Health Check could save you a fortune in SEO strategies.

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Our Kentico Website Accessibility Checker tests if your Kentico website meets W3C accessibility guidelines, and offers tangible recommendations to fix any accessibility issues that are found. Kentico websites that are complaint with accessibility guidelines set by W3C (the main body for setting standards across the web) will:

• Consistently work across more web browsers
• Be more accessible and usable to all site visitors
• Work across a range of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and televisions
• Have better a rank in search engines

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Kentico Website Accessibility

With 20% of people living with a disability, i3 Digital’s accessibility testing ensures you’re open for business across a $212 Billion market.

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Our Kentico Website Speed Checker tests your Kentico website’s performance by analysing key performance indicators such as page load speed, page size and slow or missing elements. i3 Digital’s Health Check will reveal bottlenecks and errors affecting your Kentico website’s performance.

“Page load time is one of the many factors that determine where in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) Google places your website” Source.

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i3 Digital is offering FREE Kentico Health Checks throughout March

We proudly sit within Kentico’s Top global partners! With 14 Kentico developers in-house and over 130 Kentico website deployments, our expertise enables us to provide Kentico Website Health Checks.

i3 Digital operate across 4 key territories with offices in London, Boston, Belfast and Dublin. We’re globally recognized for our focus on continuous development and quality, and have for many years carried international quality standards including ISO 9001, ISO 9241, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001. We hold full Counter Terrorist Certification (CTC), guaranteeing clients truly safe, secure and protected solutions.

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