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Free Kentico health check in 5 days

We can complete a 40-point audit of your website within 5 working days. It’s completely free, all we ask is that you talk to us about the results before acting on them.

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Kentico Website Security

Increasing levels and severity of hacks and cyber threats means security is paramount to today’s organizations. i3 Digital’s Kentico Health Check identifies your website’s vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

  • Malware Tests
  • SQL Injections
  • XSS and other web vulnerabilities

Kentico Website Performance

Attracting visitors to your website is difficult enough without them dropping off once they land on it. Our Kentico performance tests ensure all your good work isn’t undermined because of slow website load times.

  • Average Page load speed
  • Average Page size
  • Y slow or missing elements
  • Browser caching setup
  • Optimization of images

Kentico Website Responsiveness

The window in which to deliver the experience your visitors demand is constantly shrinking. i3 Digital’s Health Check ensures your website responds and reacts seamlessly across the various devices used to visit it.

  • Simulated testing across multiple browsers
  • Various mainstream device types and screen sizes
  • Missing or improperly rendered elements

Kentico Website SEO Optimization

Highlighting weaknesses in your SEO ensures your website is fully optimized to drive visitor numbers to your global shop window. i3 Digital’s Health Check could save you a fortune in SEO strategies.

  • Quantity & quality of external links
  • Analysis of structure and page content
  • Crawlability & accessibility issues
  • Images and HTML Markup

Kentico Website Accessibility

With 20% of people living with a disability, i3 Digital’s accessibility testing ensures you’re open for business across a $212 Billion market.

  • Navigation and orientation tests
  • Text equivalents & scripting
  • Analysis of styling & HTML standards
  • Consistency across browsers and devices

What Our Clients Say

"I have nothing but good things to say about the i3 Digital team. They really turned around a very difficult situation, and will help us take the online presence of this 118-year-old, $35 billion engineering and construction firm to new heights."

Heather Philbin, Head of Corporate Affairs

Free Kentico health check in 5 days

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